• 4.6.8 Krav Maga’s Kickboxing class

    Every Sunday, I tryyyy to make it to Markus Kowal’s kickboxing class at Krav Maga training center. Driving across town on a a weekend to make the 1030am class had never been easy for me. What’s less easy is actually sticking with this class. Markus’s drills are, arguably, the most brutal of all classes at this whole center. After 2 or 3 times of me being late, he made me do a hundred push-ups as a disciplinary action against me. I was not pleased, but I did it just to do it. Then I sat out pissed the rest of the class. I’m like that.

    sparring in Marcus's class at KM

    Chris Hunt - sparring in Marcus's class at KM

    From picture – Chris is one of the instructors at Krav Maga currently teaching self defense level 1 and 3. His day gig is a game designer, but that’s after his life long involvement in martial arts. Chris has a black belt in Tae Kwan Do.