• 5.10.8 picture-less : Small personal achievement (passing the Level 4 test for Krav Maga)

    As I expected, IT was 8 hours long with just one 5 minute break. I was still undecided at noon whether or not I should go through it. I have already postponed twice, and the Next One won’t be for another 4 months from now.

    I never feel ready for anything, less with type of test. Even as in the anticipation, I’ve been putting in an average of 10-12 hours a week trying to build up my endurance for the past several months. My technical applications are still fussy. Finally, at 12:35 pm, I decided to drive down to Sherman Oaks and by 1:30 pm, I was standing in a room about to face the Krav Maga’s Green Belt (Level 4) Test.

    No one can imagine what was going through my mind at that point and thereafter. There I was, standing at a satellite Krav Maga location I’d never been to, about to take a serious physical test from instructors I didn’t know, in a room full of most people I’d never seen. My thoughts were mixtures of encouraging, daring, scolding, blackmailing, an instructor’s approval voices, another instructor’s disapproval on different ones. It was certainly a simmered war.

    We started the warm up like no one’s business. By the time we get to stretching 15 minutes into it, we were already short of breathes. Right, it was scheduled to go until 7:30 pm. Pace your freaking selves!!! Majority of the time spent on these test sessions are for reviewing techniques in the curriculum. I was surprised all around on a few things that I’ve forgotten, and the things I thought I would absolutely suck at, and didn’t.

    Well – you get the picture – drills , drills , a sip of water breaks here and there, then more drills. It all didn’t go without an incident. On the crazy run and roll exercise, I managed to fuck my right shoulder up. But I didn’t plan to leave for an injury! I had to tough this one out. By the time we were done with the reviews FIVE HOURS later, it was a quarter to 7. We were late to start the test, not unusual. We were given that 5 minute break before the test begins.

    Finally, the vigorous test, where you must GIVE IT YOUR ALL – started with warnings of no granting of mercies. I had a huge concern about a few techniques that I wished I had spent the time perfecting them before today. We began with shadow boxing and about a million mother fucking sprawlings. As we already about to die, we then got into defense techniques and it went on from there. Every so often as we collectively slowed down, we were made to do 30 push ups, and 30 crunches. Good Times.

    The last thing we had to do, that weren’t done in the past 2 tests was sparring. Sparring ain’t no joke! I usually like sparring, but not under this circumstances. I think it was about a half an hour worth of this, then we … were… finalfuckingly… done. Each our drenched out beings were beyond our own recognition. Beauty.

    It was almost 930 pm.

    So, here I am, at home. I just devoured down some Zankou chicken I picked up on the way home since my arms are not going to be doing any cooking this evening. I’m due for a long bath and hopefully this aches will go away. I promised my Krav Maga people back at the headquarter that I’ll see them in class(es) tomorrow. I’ll slip right back to my regular schedule with Sunday’s kickboxing with Marcus Kowal, followed by Krav Maga Level 3 with Sam Sade.

    But I’ll go back slightly giddy, as today I just became Green – That’s the belt color for the level 4. I passed it, along with everyone else who were left standing at the end. Next one is Blue. I like blue. It will take about a year or so but I’m up for it.