• 9.12.8 Tricky at the Henry Fonda Theatre (courtesy of Phebbie & Josh)

    This was the first time I got to see Tricky. My friends Phebbie and Josh took me along to the show. I didn’t bring a camera due to my lack of pre planning. But I thought it’s still worth making a note of it for such incredible show it was. Tricky, explained in the wikipedia as having the “dark, rich and layered sound” style, was an easy draw for me. The contrast of his singing with his singer Martina Topley-Bird, as appeared on the albums, precisely translated in the grander nature of live performance – was dramatic, creating a very intense theatrical vibe. We had a really great time just watching him.

    OR it could all be intensified by the substance of mushrooms. This great night… ended with my watching the movie Matrix for the first time (and later Celebrity Death Match!?!?). I think I forever changed. Maybe.