• 9.19.8 Joe Rogan at the Hermosa Beach Comedy & Magic Club

    Hermosa Beach on a Friday night is a fucking DRAG. I drove around for an hour and there was no way a parking would open up. Most parking were short term meters. This was infuriating. I had to park a mile away and walked to my destination.

    I thought all would be worth it to go catch a Joe Rogan’s standup show by myself hoping to make a small entry in documenting him. I remember when I first started to take pictures of music shows some years ago, I was also feeling awkward to be buying a ticket for one. The comedy scene is actually worse, for being more of a couple/group outings than music shows. And without a prior arrangement for some photo access, I was feeling even more off – purpose, sitting in my assigned seat, and off-timed to make a case for any photos.

    But I already decided to see him. Ended up I was glad I did even to just watch like an obedient audience. He was quite entertaining. What makes Rogan unique in my opinion is that he’s a natural talker. He seems to think and process every thing out loud. His logic is like a long roller coaster ride, purposely twisty but structurally secured. Some materials put the audience on edge, but after my unquestionable fondness of Stanhope, I almost feel like I can be ready for anything – granting that it is good – and Rogan, was – good.

    He went about an hour longer than scheduled. I found this adorable. It’s like going to a friend’s house, knowing that people have to go to bed at some point, but the friend gets on such a tangent that you can’t stop them.. being high or drunk or what not – because it’s their house.. and because they are on to something. I choose spontaneous discovery of substance any day over some┬ápreconceived┬árules. And Rogan definitely left me a lot of thoughts to chew on.