• 12.19.8 The ‘F Girls’ Holiday Contingency

    Mychelle and AnitaMychelle and Anita


    It’s actually not that usual for me to photograph our group – my favorite people of all – the F girls or the Aggro girls, or any number of names we are called. This is because I would be too busy laughing my head off. There’s Ninja, Samurai,  .. the German Farm Girl (still mulling over the most suitable nickname for her giggly deadly jabs), and I’m called Ong Bak (the Thai Warrior from the boonies of Thailand.)

    F is for Fight, mainly, but probably other words too, depend on our activities of choice. We met at Krav Maga. In the course of a short 2008 year, we became a tight pack that infuse each others’ lives with each of our contrasting positive attributes. Over our bond of fight commitment and disciplines, we see to it that each of us grow into our best potential. Phebbie (Ninja), takes the arts of pain tolerance, precise striking, and perfect reflects into her career pursuit in the field of media. Mychelle (Samurai) overlook fears and intimidations and incorporate working hard while having fun in her field of production. (German Farm Girl) Anita’s recognizing her natural strengths and quick grasps (and execution) for techniques in preparation for… hmmmm.. her work with the kindergardeners.

    This little gathering was billed ahead as a little hang. It wasn’t made into what it actually was until we all were there. A combination of holidays, new year, and my birthday celebrations – would have been too extravagant sounding to plan ahead. Instead Phebbie just called for a ‘stop by to pick up a present’. A couple bottles of wines later, we were giving headlocks and having cupcakes until the night was concluded.

    Even for my cynic view over the ‘excuse for a season’s greetings’, I can’t help but put this group as ‘worth it’. Worth it for putting the silly christmas light necklaces and exchange gifts (well, I don’t do xmas gifts, so I only selfishly took). This is because these girls are above average exceptional personally and generally.

    We’re looking forward to converge in New Orleans next summer at a music festival, and all other future events.


    Mychelle and I face-off


    Anita "The Jury" Martin


    Mychelle "Samurai" Flynt

    Phebbie "Ninja" Pasquera

    Phebbie "Ninja" Pasquera

    Phebbie doing the Ninja Dance

    Phebbie doing the Ninja dance

    Mychelle and Anita

    Mychelle and Anita laughed at and with Phebbie

    summary of the evening

    digital summary of the evening