• 2.14.9 Couchsurfer Adam Schutzman – Hosted

    couchsurfer Adam Schutzmancouchsurfer Adam Schutzman

    I answered a post in a forum offering Adam a place to park his car as he hopped off of his around the US road trip to Hawaii for a few weeks. Needing a place to stay over night before his flight he lucked out and ended up staying with me. The house was already full of couchsurfers that weekend. Every floor space and blankets were all taken and distributed.  Luckily for him, one of the couchsurfers bailed to be somewhere else for the night. He then took up that 5th spot. Mind you this house is tiny. But Adam was very sweet, super easy to get along with, and down to have any kinds of conversations.

    Not until the next morning we discovered that we had a mutual friend, Nels Cline! Nels, the guitarist most prominence from my blog here, and one of my dearest of all friends, has been doing music for a very long time. Adam knew Nels for over 10 years having gone to all Nels’s gigs in Portland, Maine since he was in high school. Luckily Nels was in town – so I made a point for us all to grab some dinner together. When I first told Nels about Adam, he thought that was incredibly wild. Adam, Nels recalled, was at all his shows back when he was still playing for an audience of a few. This – was a main indicator of what I like about Adam the most, his music taste. He had with him vinyls he collected over the trip, and a little portable record player.

    We haven’t been in touch so much, but I’m sure I’ll run into him again.

    couchsurfers Adam Schutzman and Ulrik Lund

    couchsurfers Adam Schutzman and Ulrik Lund in the background