• 2.3.9 Couchsurfer Marco Junghans – ran around town with and hosted

    couchsurfer Marco Junghans

    couchsurfer Marco Junghans in an elevator in Hollywood

    I volunteered on an impulse to hang with a couchsurfer from Germany, Marco. We met up in downtown LA where he was soon shown that there wasn’t alllll that much to see there. I found it oddly adorable, even as I should be used to this by now – of visitors from other countries that may like to see actual city’s “landmarks”. Marco was one of those, completely and purely excited by all. I now call this an “East German Thing”.  We went to Griffith Park Observatory to see the sunset, looked for path to get to the Hollywood sign. In additional days of his staying in town (he was hosted in Orange County – and consequentially became quite tight with the Orange County couchsurfing bunch), we went to the walk of fame, Chinese Theatre, drove in and away from the Hollywood Cemetery. All the while he would translate his German guidebook of the history of my own city. It was quite fun in the non-expected, expected way. Maybe because I never feel so inclined to do such things myself. That was our first batch of meetings. He left for the Bay Area but later drove back down to spend more time with Los Angeles/Orange County people whom he found more friendly.

    Always smiling, I attempted over a handful of times that we hung out together and dove our talk into more of his stories maybe not commonly shared. After many conversations at many different settings, I did get a good sense over all and I ended up quite fond of him. He’s so sincere. On a search of his own to identify himself, making his way for a 2 year stay in Canada – He’s now getting into all kinds of things he wants to be doing, like working at the Winter Olympics. He’s quite capable, another computer person and with an equivalent to an MBA, he was still down to do whatever jobs it takes to support his traveling lifestyle.

    I’m keeping in touch with him even as I doubt I’d ever make it into the winter of Canada. That’s where we differ most obviously, he’s into the cold, and I’m very much not.

    couchsufers Marco Junghan and Ulrik Lund

    couchsurfers Marco Junghans and Ulrik Lund in Hollywood

    Marco Junghans - surprised

    Marco Junghans - surprised