• 9.9.10 Couchsurfer David Kay – Hosted in Bangkok, Visited in London

    David Kay in London

    David Kay in London

    David can talk, that’s what I remember from hanging out with him in Bangkok earlier this year from February to April. He came to stay with us at the house for about 12 days before and after he went to Burma. And because he can talk, he can make friend with everyone. The weirdest and most adorable thing, I think, is his even temper and dead-pan’ish British humor. You can’t miss his (rather tall) presence, and his constant having a say at something or someone. He participated in many activities including the most memorable one for being a part of the painting crew who attacked the first floor of our place.

    When I visited London briefly, I made sure to catch up with a few people, one of them was David. Luckily he was game to drive 45 minutes to the nearest Tube station to come meet with me. We caught up at the Paddington station. The rest of the day was running around a bit late to this and that. I wanted to go to this museum, which we finally managed to find, and to arrive right as they were closing. So I took a picture of him before headed off to find different places to have a beer.

    David Kay at Tate Modern

    David Kay at Tate Modern Contemporary Art Museum