• 9.10.10 Katie and Dave in London

    Kate and Dave on the Tube

    Kate and Dave on the Tube on her birthday

    It has been at least 10 years since I last saw Dave and met Katie when they went through Los Angeles. I took the opportunity to drop by their couch in London this year. For too many years I’d threatened to come visit them in the UK since they moved there from Thailand. I met Dave even longer than that back in Venice (Los Angeles), California. I answered his ad looking for someone to teach him some survival Thai language.

    Dave that I met in Venice had a roommate, a piano, a python in the house. He worked as a freelance German language interpreter for movies or other things. He made a point to visit one country each year. Before departing, he’d learn a little bit of the language. I was so proud when he told me after he returned that he’s going back to Thailand again. Never before he repeated a country.

    Before long, he met Katie in Thailand, and eventually moved to the UK where she was from. She went back to pursue her degrees. First they were in York for a really long time. I remember Dave taking up photography, telling me about the new long telephoto lens he bought to shoot people on the street for fun. All of the sudden, he took up the profession as a music and portrait photographer in York. Then there were occastional news here and there about his piano moving, and eventually their recent relocation to London.

    Katie is also such a wonderfully interesting person on top of being genuine, beautiful, and kind. I wish I had the opportunity to talk with her more about her work and her study. As far as I was impressed, it was something about the women study… or was it a job teaching? I’m so horrible. For sure, the visit was too short. It was quite funny to talk gear with Dave but mostly for his criticism on my mistreatment of my photo equipment. He’s much more knowledgable now about those things. And it was quite a nice visit  running around town for a day with Dave, listening to him about London, the UK, the people, and best of all, his introduction to the best chocolate store I had ever experienced.