• 9.10.10 Peddington Station in London

    paddington station info desk

    paddington station information desk

    “Hypothetically speaking….” I asked nervously as a line was already forming behind me. Fearing I’d inconvenient other people with more legitimate and immediate questions, I quickly blurted “how much does it cost to take a train to Aberystwyth? And I’m sorry, I’ll step aside if this is a stupid question.” “Don’t worry about them, just wait, and I’ll tell you!” I opted to step away anyway. No need to make an angry mob out of these, clearly frustrated and lost, travelers. “I’ll be back in a half an hour!!!” I told him. “Make sure you do!” He responded right back.

    So I did get back to him about a half hour. The gentle informational man had for me a plan hand written rate comparisons on a piece of paper. He further explained how booking months in advance would get me anywhere in Wales from Peddington Station, central London, at roughly just about 15 pounds as opposed to buying a ticket the same day, which would cost nearly 10 times more.

    I was super impressed and thankful, so I asked to snap a picture of him. Bad of me that I forgot his name.