• Chris Squire

    Chris Squire LV94

    Chris Squire in Las Vegas 1994


    It’s such a sad news to receive today on the passing of yet another great musician.
    My fixation, at least for the earlier period of my life, on the music of this certain era, I can only should be getting used to with the golden leaves that would inevitably fall.
    I met Chris Squire once, after a big Las Vegas concert. His band manager took me and my friend to meet him hanging out at the bar. He bought us drinks and chatted bass to us receptive girls. My friend played bass. I also played a little, but never took it up seriously – though I did own a Fender Squire. This was an ultimate delight to no end such a legend would talk to us, I mean me – because my friend knew nothing about this legendary band and the legend of each band members.

    This was in 1994, their 20th year anniversary. I saw them in Fresno and met their tour manager there. He offered to give us press/photo passes to the following Las Vegas show. What the heck. Six hour drive? No problems. As long as my crazy friend agrees to it.

    My friend Tiffany… she’s a character of her own. I hate to label her as such but she is my most endearing ‘white trash’ friend I ever had. She played in a local little pretentious rock band. And we had a little magazine together that we ran for a short while called “Pure Rock News”. She was more into that 80s-90s metal hair bands. She’d drag me along up and down California on numerous occasions. We hung out briefly with Metallica, but ended up with the Suicidal Tendencies a little longer. All stuff of faded, not much any interesting memories. We even attended once this Foundations Forums in Burbank, the mother of all metal events. That was the year Alice Cooper got his lifetime achievement award. We interviewed Bioharzard, we brushed with Yngwie Malmstein…. I thought all that was just a rouse for her sexual mischievous adventures. In a strange way, she always protected me from any of the advances. Tiffany was course, and rough, laughed a lot, cried a lot. I wonder what happened to her… I mean, after getting out of prison the last time I heard.

    Anyway, back to Las Vegas. Tiffany was not really having much of this band Yes. I don’t geek out too much on bands even how much I was obsessed on listening to them. She went along with me to the show to let me choose a show ONCE. But by the evening’s end, Tiffany had already hook up with some Metallica roadies who were in town a week early to set up some stage. She was already a mess running around high on things, drink some, and playing nickle slot machines. I still remember the image. But at some point, I made her sit down to meet and talk with Chris Squire at the bar.

    At the end of this trip, with many more of this Tiffany’s (curious) stories, talking with Chris Squire had to be the most imprinted in our minds that evening. I have to believe so. She didn’t know who he was but walked away inspired by his sharing from musical and technical point of view.

    Admittedly I don’t listen to Yes anymore. I was actually surprised to hear “Roundabout” on a French radio the other week. But that was random. It’s yet another sad reason for me to bring out the boxset because the news of Chris’s passing. I will never forget as well the artwork. All the concept of a musical band that remains deep in my psyche. Thank you Chris. Thank you for being a part of this amazing band.