• Allan Holdsworth


    Allan Holdsworth 1946-2017
    This picture was taken at the Baked Potato with his trio, Ernest Tibbs (bass) & Joe Tayler (drums) in August 2004 (I believe?)

    He was the first major musician that let me photograph him. That was in the 90s, back when I lived in Fresno, CA, and only just started to take pictures of musicians. It was at a small club in Tower District called the Wild Blue. He played with Chad Wackerman (drums), SkĂșli Sverrisson (bass), and Steve Hunt (keys). I was awkward, but the entire group were so nice. It probably did make an impact on me, causing me to later gravitate toward jazz music as opposed to arena rock bands I was interested on shooting. My ears shifted. That same month I named my new cat’s middle name Skuli.
    After I moved to Los Angeles, I’d see his name on the bill often at the Baked Potato. Unfortunately I couldn’t always afford the 25 dollar ticket except once. Still, I’m glad I caught him again. But because of his being HOLDSWORTH, I never really talked to him.

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