• Introduction


    For years, I chose to stand on the side line watching the world. A camera was a way to officialize myself as an observer, providing me the challenges and opportunities to explore. Not until a long time later I realized that in search of meanings, it became a habit for me to seek out passion in people, as they demonstrated in the way they choose to express. The subtle moments of an entire being sparkle sparsely through series of actions, reactions, thoughts, concentrations, and acceptance. Those sparks in a person are what I look for. Maybe it’s for myself to keep on believing that there are more to life than just surviving. Maybe if I can only translate this commonality into images, it could not only energize myself, but others who are receptive as well.

    For many, many years, the majority of my photographs has been mostly around musicians. I still do love that dimension of this particular human quality. I enjoy all my own trials and errors photographing, in an attempt to preserve (my interpretation of) something important, but such intangible as vibes, and feelings – of the people that are my subjects.

    To diversify, a few years ago I set out to explore my other interest of the sport fighters. This was natural because the other  commitment I made to be within this community learning and training (for fun). And so I include them as parallel stories going on all around me.
    Of course, there are other sub-projects going on throughout along sides and in between, deserving series of its own. Some personalities I met along the way, some certain objects I find, new and old places I visit, or just pure composition exercises. Currently I make home in three different countries. Setting up the functional and practical work flow has been a bit of challenge. But whatever I come up with, where ever it’s from, I will post them here.

    For tool preference, I love to use film. In the age of digital, I prefer to walk the hybrid line where I digitize my film. I do enjoy working with the variations and controls in all points of the process, from start to finish. But I’m not limited to it. Sometimes a digital camera will do, or even a video camera. I’m very inclusive if it helps telling the story.

    How can I afford to do it? Up until October 2008, I held a full time job which gave me the resources to spend on shooting. Time wise it was limited. I find that it’s important to do my best and ’show up’. Now one of the consequences was that much of my unprocessed shot film pile up to be over a hundred rolls any given point. I sometimes found myself with a lot of time and the necessity to get my hands wet and develop these film myself. Sometimes I run them through the trusted labs whenever I get some income. I continue to struggle it along, because it’s worth it for me.

    This is some years my life, the way I saw it.

    I’m looking forward to improve, grow, and share all.
    Thanks for taking the time with me.