• My Process

    My standard practice :

    • shoot > hand process > scan small > post images on web > file my negatives

    It took me years, with many tries, to get to this point. I think I’m settled with my preference for now of using my high speed film black and white film, processing them at home, scanning each role, editing, quick image adjusting (because of the sheer numbers), and then posting some of them online. What I ended up putting on this picture blog are about 1% of what I shoot overall, and in many cases, just about 20% of my selections if the event was involved. In that case, I would want to make a separate page for the whole event, if time allows. I shoot a LOT, for better or worse, because I’m always going through thoughts, options, and experiments as I go. Sure, it also includes doubts, second guessing, or just simply judging / re-judging the situations. Because of this I’m a little slow on turning up images to share. Since I shoot almost everyday, likely if I spend time with my people, the back end work never seem to get caught up. And this is BEFORE anyone requiring any high resolution images from me that they like.

    When an image is requested

    • find the negative > hi res scan > file clean up and adjustments > archival prints / FTP

    Depends on the size of the image requested, scanning can take about 2 hours, and working on clean up and adjustment can be another 1-5 hours. While I love to give away my time, efforts, and paying into expenses, I can only do this to a very selected few.

    Crucial Gear

    Nikon F5 bodies
    macro lens
    Hasselblad Xpan

    Kodax Tmax 3200
    Kodak Tmax 400
    Fujifilm Pro 800Z
    Kodak Portra 400vc

    Kodak Tmax developer
    Kodak Indicator Stop Bath
    Clayton Archival Fixer
    Kodak Hyper Clearing agent

    Scanner :
    Eversmart Supreme
    Scanning process – liquid mount on to this high end, flat bed scanner capable of scanning for prints from 8×10 to billboard sizes. This means the larger it needs to be, the more work is involved, digital grit work. Scanning alone usually takes a day or two from looking for negatives to finishing the file.

    Computer :
    MacPro Quad-Core  OS X 10.5.7


    Still in love with my enlargers and darkroom atmosphere, but shooting takes my time away from that peaceful hermit of a lifestyle. I’m now opting to output it from a commercial lab with an expensive machine that can take my customized, scrubbed, and polished scanned files and output them on archival (mostly black and white) papers. I wish they would make more slight toned papers in the future, like the old options of paper types we used to have to play with.