• Project CS

    Couchsurfing People

    Oct 2009
    A year of joining this online community, I feel it’s okay to make a statement about it :

    CS offers me an additional portal to further explore my human curiosity. I press forward for meetings with strangers in different cities I visit. With a few specific keywords in my search, I strung staged-coincidences, using them as fix points giving room for unexpected variables to fall in between. In reverse, I let selective strangers into my life, and would try to figure out what criteria they used to find me.

    Commonalities build network. We each are a hub of our own extension. For those who I spend extended time with, help me crystalizing an abstract image of a self. Each person is a composition of figurative mirrors and lights. From stories people trust to tell me, and what I share in return, I accumulate actual and mind images and make a full hearted attempt at retelling in a coherent theme. I’m hoping to make a small point in demonstrating a certain sentiment I see in all people.

    Point of views are personal, full of biases, preferences that lead to choices made along the way. To reflect this, I use my choice of filters of photography and sometimes words. But much more than the blog/words/photo results, lasting friendships were formed, which is the most enriching of all. I’m excited to see what CS will bring in the next year as I take the operation outside of the U.S. And what differences, if any, I’ll notice by disclosing this here.

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